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Video: From 22nd to 3rd, DMM Mod Gets Standing O Saturday Night

How often do you see a driver's race end with all of the following:

  • Black flag? [✔]

  • Destroyed race car? [✔]

  • Sixteenth-place finish? [✔]

  • Standing ovation? [Wait, what?]

If you need an afternoon endorphin release, watch Peyton Taylor work the high line in the #01 AcreTrader / Dirty Mo Media dirt modified Saturday night at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 28 laps around the quarter-mile track, Taylor drove from 22nd to 3rd.

It was Beethoven's No. 9 on wheels, this drive, and it didn't matter that Taylor was shown the black flag with two laps to go due to a missing door panel. (Yes, his car was torn to shit, but we think that makes this even cooler.) This video, courtesy of Andrews Autosport, is worth your next 11 minutes. Don't skip around. Just watch and appreciate Taylor and the Dirty Mo car do its thing.

-- Dirty Mo --



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