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The EI8HT: Life Questions Answered by Covid

May 25, 2020 -- Lifelong questions that only three months of pandemic could answer:

1. Showers? Every other day is fine.

2. iPads? No better crunch-time babysitter.

3. Take-out food? Like nectar from the gods.

4. Self-haircuts? If nobody’s there to critique it, did it ever happen?

5. Clothes? Like starting pitchers, your best 4 or 5 rise up. The rest stay in the bullpen.

6. Income? Comes in handy, don’t it.

7. Masks as a social norm? “Finally!” – bank robbers.

8. Healthcare professionals? On behalf of the entire planet... Thank you.

Got additional questions that the pandemic has answered for you? Tweet us @DirtyMoMedia using hashtag #TheEi8ht.

-- Dirty Mo --

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