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Lost Speedways Is Coming Back, Which Begs a Question: What's Your Track?

In the wake of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s exciting news that Lost Speedways is returning for Season 2, we can't help but wonder: What "lost" racetrack is near and dear to you?

Seriously, we want to know! What was it called? Where was it located? What was its configuration? Was it paved or dirt? What made it special? Who were the best driver(s) that raced there? What was your connection to it? What made it unique? What kind of shape is it in today? Is it repurposed, abandoned or completely gone?

Matthew Dillner (left) and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lost Speedways is a Peacock original program hosted by Dale Jr. and Matthew Dillner that explores old, abandoned racetracks. But as the Dirty Mo Media crew learned in making the show, the relationship between venue and fan is deeply personal. Grown adults cry. Rough and tough racecar drivers turn into compassionate softies. And fans admit they would do just about anything for one more night at the old speedway.

So, tell us your lost speedway in the comment threads of Dirty Mo Media's social post for this story, or simply tweet us @DirtyMoMedia. Use the hashtag #LostSpeedways2 so we are sure to see it. Add photos if you have them!

And don't forget, an all-new Season 2 of Dale Jr.'s Lost Speedways is coming this summer to Peacock. No better time to brush up on Season 1 than by going to today.

-- Dirty Mo --



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