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Ty Gibbs Joins JR Motorsports (in the studio...)

Big week in the Bojangles Studio as NASCAR Xfinity Series standout Ty Gibbs joins Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis on episode 394 of The Dale Jr. Download. While Gibbs serves as one of the main competitors to JR Motorsports this year, Dale recognizes that he is going to be a big part of motorsports for years to come and wants to embrace him. The Download listeners can expect to hear about:

  • Ty’s home and family life

  • Getting the call to fill in for an injured Kurt Busch at 23XI Racing

  • How he got his start in motorsports

  • Dealing with conflict and criticism

  • Older drivers he looks up to

Before Ty joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss:

  • New Kyle Petty shirts available on the Dirty Mo webstore

  • Dale’s play by play commentary at Michigan

  • Bubba Wallace’s passionate post-race interview

  • The modified race opener at North Wilkesboro

During the Ask Jr. segment, listeners sent in questions regarding:

  • The future’s perspective on today’s NASCAR world

  • Racing left handed

  • Dale’s most prized vintage t-shirt

  • Applying Mike Joy’s commentary advice

You can hear all of this and more on on tonight's episode of The Dale Jr. Download, available and all major podcast platforms.



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