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The Stars of Kannapolis Align

By Bobby Markos

This week on episode 396 of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down in the Bojangles Studio with a fellow legend from Kannapolis, Freddie Query. Although not a household name in racing, Query dominated Charlotte area short tracks like Concord and Metrolina for decades, and also found success on the NASCAR All-Pro tour in the mid-90s. Listeners can learn about:

  • Freddie’s humble beginnings in Kannapolis

  • Growing up near Dale Sr.

  • How he became a school teacher

  • Where he got the racing bug

  • His success in the Big 10 Series and taking the show on the road

Before Freddie joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss:

  • Play by play in Watkins Glen

  • Kyle vs. Chase

  • Larson wins in the 88

  • Roots & Revival Chapter Two

During Ask Jr., this week the fans asked questions about:

  • Mike Davis as a Cup guest analyst

  • Dale’s favorite late model race

  • Favorite weird food combinations

  • Other international drivers trying NASCAR

You can hear all of this and more on episode 396 of The Dale Jr. Download, available on and all major podcast platforms.



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