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The Dale Jr Download Is Back With Another Bombshell

The great Harry Gant is known for putting together one of the more incredible streaks of victories back in 1991. The old handsome warrior doled not one, not two, not three, but four haymakers in a row to indelibly write his name in racing lore. This begs the question -- is it possible to go on such a tear in podcasting? Because The Dale Jr. Download has entered the chat.

Ty Norris on DJD

Two weeks ago it was Andy Petree describing his 'Come to Jesus' meeting with Dale Earnhardt that ultimately ignited a championship ride for the ages. Last week it was Kerry Earnhardt recalling the anxiety of meeting his dad for the first time. Next up? Former Executive Vice President and General Manager at Dale Earnhardt Inc., Ty Norris, discussing the rise and fall of Earnhardt's empire, DEI.

That ain't all, y'all. Norris, also the former EVP and General Manager a Michael Waltrip Racing from 2012-15, talked in depth about his suspension from NASCAR in 2013 for his role in the playoff-altering 'spin-to-get-in' race at Richmond. Peculiarly, Norris said this was his first opportunity to speak his mind about that, and he had a lot to say.

Also, did we mention Ty was there when Dale Jr. crashed his Busch car at Charlotte, went home to sulk, invoked the wrath of The Intimidator, and said something that changed his relationship with his dad forever? (We know, there's a lot to unpack in that last sentence, but Ty does it beautifully on the show.)

The Download, which climbed to No. 4 on Apple Podcasts sports charts last week, will challenge the big boys once again with its Ty Norris episode. Earnhardt fans will not want to miss this. Here is a teaser to the show:

The Dale Jr. Download is available on all major podcasting platforms. It also can be found here at

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