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The Dale Jr. Download Guest Spotlight: Jimmy Blewett

By Bobby Markos

When Jimmy Blewett was growing up in his father’s pit on the NASCAR Modified Tour, he probably could not imagine writing his own name into the division’s history books one day. But, after over 20 years in the modified ranks, Blewett has left his mark, especially at home track Wall Stadium in New Jersey. On this week’s episode of The Dale Jr. Download, Blewett joins Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis in the Bojangles studio to chat about modifieds, growing up in racing, and the pain of losing a loved one in the sport.

This past July, Blewett won his seventh career NASCAR Modified Tour event while driving for Tommy Baldwin. The win came at the famed Wall Stadium, which also counted as his 81st victory at his home track, the second most of all time. But his path to get to that point has not been an easy one. In fact, along the way, Jimmy lost the mentor who helped get him on track, his older brother John. Dale and Jimmy will have a lot to process during their conversation and it will help give listeners a glimpse into how race drivers deal with grief and move on in motorsports.

The Blewett family has been known for their rough and tumble presence in racing for generations, and their hard-driving has landed them in plenty of scuffles over the years. Jimmy also grew up working at his Grandfather’s recycling yard, and when the boss was away Jimmy, his brother John and their friends got into a lot of mischief. Tune into this week’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download to hear some unbelievable stories from one of New Jersey’s finest racers. It’s Showtime!



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