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Roots & Revival

In August thousands will flock to Wilkes County, North Carolina to experience the revival of North Wilkesboro Speedway. The beloved race track has sat dormant for more than a decade, but recently the beloved track has found new life. Among the pilgrims will be NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr., who intends to do more than just witness the resurrection himself.

To celebrate its revival, North Wilkesboro is holding a month of races and when the sun drops on Aug. 31 and the field of late-model stock cars roar to life, Dale will be behind the wheel of the No. 3 in a Sun Drop paint scheme resembling the one he raced 30 years earlier.

"I love late model stocks," said Earnhardt Jr. "I love those cars. That's where my roots are. That's where my heart is."

Dirty Mo Media's "Roots & Revival" six-part YouTube series on Dale Jr.'s return to late model racing at North Wilkesboro. While Dale's race is not until the end of the month, "Roots & Revival" begins following along at the test session to prepare for something that - not so long ago - was completely unfathomable.

"It was like a dream," said Dale. "I've been coming here all my life, off and on. I never thought that I'd ever be back in a race car, running laps, on this race track."

Chapter 1 is out now on the Dirty Mo Media YouTube channel. Subscribe now and be one of the first to know when each video drops - you may even be surprised by a few bonus videos as well.



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