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Prayers for Ryan Newman

Mike Davis

By rule when crisis situations happen, I avoid social media like the plague. Speculation is the last thing one needs in moments like these, and social media platforms are often too full of it.

But tonight is different.

It’s close to 9:30 p.m. ET and my eyes are fixated on Twitter's feed, hanging on every word that scrolls through and praying that one of them – just one – be the news that we so desperately need. That Ryan Newman is still with us.

It’s not just for Newman, of course. It’s also for his daughters, who need their dad. It’s for his team at Roush-Fenway, who finally have their driver. It’s for Ryan Blaney and Corey LaJoie, who need not feel one bit of blame in how the frenzied, chaotic dash to the checkered flag in the Daytona 500 unfolded. It’s for Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing, who had no idea the circumstances of Newman’s condition and therefore proceeded to Victory Lane as winners do. After all, nobody stopped them.

For all those people and more – even you at home, who like me awaits news on Newman – I pray he is OK. I won't allow my mind to venture into any other possibility.



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