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Oh Baby! Earnhardts Welcome New Daughter

Dale Earnhardt Jr. apologized for the delay in dropping a new Dale Jr. Download podcast episode this week, but there was a good reason for the tardiness. On Monday, Dale and his wife, Amy, welcomed their second daughter.

This morning in the Dirty Mo Media studio, Earnhardt spoke at length about this week's life-changing event. It was his first public statement -- in person, on a podcast, or even on social media -- since becoming a two-time Dad.

"I think we were being sort of selfish because it didn't even occur to us to announce the fact that we had the baby on Monday," Dale Jr. said. "We were just so happy and we spent a few days at the hospital just taking it all in by ourselves. It was amazing."

On the podcast, Earnhardt told an emotional story about the first meeting between his two-year old daughter, Isla Rose, and her new baby sister. The episode is out now and available here.



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