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Nobody Better To Unpack Daytona 500 Outcome Than Dale Earnhardt Jr.

By Mike Davis

After watching restrictor-plate races for all these years, they still leave me with more questions than answers.

Like this... Was the last-lap wreck in Sunday's (Monday's?) Daytona 500 not sort of predictable? Why throw blocks when it seldom results in success? Why the aggressive bump-drafting so early in the race? What does the draft actually feel like? Did Joey Logano do anything wrong on the final lap? What about Brad Keselowski?

Fortunately for me I have one of the best to ever race on superspeedways within earshot. Fortunately for you, well, we do a podcast.

This week on The Dale Jr. Download we tackle these topics -- topics that virtually everyone has opinions on but few have two Harley J. Earl trophies to back it up. What's more, we are joined by Corey Lajoie, who finished 9th in the Daytona 500, and his father Randy Lajoie, who won three times at Daytona during his championship Xfinity Series career.

Corey Lajoie (left) and Randy Lajoie

What we were left with was a whole lot of clout at the table and one heckuva lesson in superspeedway racing. What Dale couldn't answer, Corey could. And what Corey couldn't, his ol' man always had a take -- usually a hilarious one. The Lajoies bring the mustard with their stories, and they don't shy away from confrontations. No, really. Wait till you hear about the ass-chewin' so rich Mrs. Lajoie locked Randy out of the house for the night.

With all this said, I leave you with advice. If there ever was a time to download the actual podcast version and not wait on the TV show, this is it. Much of Dale's initial reactions to the Daytona 500 are covered before the Lajoies even arrive. In other words, it won't be on the TV show. What's more, fans asked fantastic questions in the Ask Jr. segment, including:

- What did you think of Clint Bowyer's debut as a booth analyst?

- What do you think of the late start times?

- What was your opinion of Josh Berry's performance in the Daytona Xfinity Series race?

None of that will be on the TV show. All of it -- plus the full, unedited conversation with the Lajoies -- will be on the podcast. It will be out tonight on all podcasting platforms as well as this website.

-- Dirty Mo --



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