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Larry Mac Shares Iconic Earnhardt Moments Leading Into '98 Daytona 500

By Mike Davis

We were back in the studio to officially kick off the ninth season of The Dale Jr. Download and -- hear me on this, folks -- I am convinced I just heard the most badass Dale Earnhardt anecdote ever, besting a story I literally had heard five minutes earlier. That's right, the two most badass Dale Earnhardt stories ever told on a podcast that is largely occupied by Dale Earnhardt people telling Dale Earnhardt stories.

My point is that's saying something.

Dale Earnhardt and Larry McReynolds (Don Smyle Media)

This Intimidator gold came from Larry McReynolds, America's crew chief, who came cocked and loaded to give us meticulous details to the 1998 Daytona 500, an event better known as the time Earnhardt finally won the Great American Race. You'd expect these Earnhardt gems to happen in the race or immediately after when the curse was finally over. They didn't. They happened before the race during practice. {Insert Allen Iverson voice} Right, we're talking about practice. Not the race, not the race... Practice.

By now you know I have no intention of revealing these stories in this post. You're going to have to listen to the podcast, which drops tonight (Feb. 9) here on this website and on all podcast hosting platforms.

But I will leave you with this insight. When Larry Mac was gone and the lights were turned off, Dale Jr. beamed. Not only had we started a brand new season of doing what we enjoy, but Dale had just learned a bit more about his dad. Given the circumstances, you must know how much that means to a fella.

-- Dirty Mo --


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