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It Is Happening!

Without a doubt the single-most requested guest by fans of The Dale Jr. Download over the years has been Ken Schrader. It's not even close.

Maybe it's his likability. Maybe it's the infamous strip club story that had Dale Earnhardt Sr. fuming. Maybe it's that, at age 64, Schrader is still getting it done at dirt tracks all across the country.

Whatever it is, it's happening! At long last, Schrader and Dale Jr. are going to sit at the big table. All this and more coming this week on Dirty Mo Media.

Others were excited to hear the news as well.

In the meantime, perhaps it's important to note this won't be the first time Schrader will have visited the Dirty Mo Media studio. Schrader and his wife, Ann, joined Kelley Earnhardt Miller on an episode of the podcast Fast Lane Family back in February, 2015. Click in the box below, or click here for the downloaded episode.



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