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Irvan Swerves In With Ultimate 'Thank You' Gesture

Ernie "Swervin" Irvan is not just a total badass. It turns out he is an incredibly grateful total badass.

On the heels of his appearance in episode 314 of The Dale Jr. Download, Irvin was inspired to extend a gesture of gratitude toward Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the Dirty Mo Media team in a unique way. Irvan asked for -- and was granted -- permission to apply DJD's and Dirty Mo Media's brand logos to his son's super late model car for one of the biggest races of the year.

Jared Irvan will run The Dale Jr. Download/Dirty Mo Media No. 28 super late model in the Full Throttle 100 on Oct. 3 at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness, Florida. The race has more than 30 entrants and pays $10,000 to win. (The race was originally scheduled for Sept. 12 but weather forced a postponement.)

I guess you could say that not only did Irvan's appearance on The Download do a lot of good for longtime fans, but it seems to have had a similar effect on the NASCAR legend himself.

Jared, 22, races his super late model on a partial schedule. When he's not racing, he's in school obtaining his pilot license.

"Being able to watch Jared race gives me 100% joy," Ernie said on The Download on Sept. 8. "Knowing the talent that he's got, I wish I could give him more opportunities to carry the Irvan name on.

"Jared is a way better racecar driver than I was. He thinks the whole time. He thinks, 'If I make this move, there's a chance I'm not going to be able to finish the race.' One of the things I tell him all the time is you have to first finish before you can first win. I think he listens to me on that stuff, and I love to watch him race."

The social media response to Irvan's interview on DJD, which can only be described as very raw and very real, was overwhelming.

-- Dirty Mo --


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