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Hot Start for Dale Jr. Download

Right out of the gate we were introduced to a new word on the Dale Jr. Download: BEHOREFISH...

As in, "The NASCAR people went absolutely behorefish."

All this from the mouth of legendary promoter Humpy Wheeler, who helped kicked off a new season of The Download on Tuesday by sharing his many stories and antics to Dale Jr. and the team. We're not sure what behorefish means or even how it's spelled, but strangely it all makes sense in a Humpy Wheeler story.

Obviously Junior could not wait to ask Wheeler about his explosive pre-race shows at Charlotte Motor Speedway (and by "explosive" we mean that literally.) Wheeler didn't miss a chance to blow stuff up or surprise his ticket buyers with a mock military invasion or two just before the race.

Fans of The Download have heard Dale Jr. say many times before that his favorite pre-race show of all-time was that of school bus stuntman Jimmy The Flying Greek. Junior was surprised to hear Humpy give Jimmy's full name (wait, it's not The Flying Greek?!?) , and even more shocked to hear that Jimmy was an actual bus driver in real life!


THE CLASH: Before the Wheeler interview, Dale Jr. offers candid feelings of the 2020 Busch Clash at Daytona, which saw 18 cars start the scheduled 80-lap race and only six finish. Dale Jr. was a strong advocate of the Clash returning to its former name but thinks there is still room for improvement in getting the race back to its true identity.

Later in the show, Dale Jr. offers an update on his Nova restoration in the "Valvoline DIY" Segment. He explains Dirty Mo Media's latest TV project for Peacock TV in the "Ask Jr" segment. And he ends the show with a doozy of a story about Daytona party fights between Hall-of-Fame drivers in the "Odd History" segment.

In all, the 2020 season of The Dale Jr. Download is off to a hot start. Subscribe to the show on all major podcasting platforms, or find it right here on

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