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"Fatback" McSwain is Back

One of the most colorful crew chief personalities in NASCAR's modern era is back in the spotlight to join Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis on episode 395 of The Dale Jr. Download. Michael “Fatback” McSwain found success at stock car racing’s highest level with Ricky Rudd and Bobby Labonte before departing from the garage scene suddenly after the 2007 race season. On this week’s episode, listeners can find out about:

  • McSwain’s start in auto racing

  • Learning from Robert Gee and Harry Hyde

  • How he first became a crew chief

  • Working for Yates Racing with Ricky Rudd

  • Why he left the race scene

Before Michael joins the show, Dale, Mike, Alex and Hannah discuss:

  • Basics of magnet fishing

  • Wild world of Tik Tok

  • Chris(topher) Buescher

  • Roots & Revival

This week the fan’s send in questions about:

  • Racing on dirt

  • Are drivers retiring earlier?

  • What FOX scheduled race would you like to call?

  • Bingeable television shows

You can hear all of this and more on episode 395 of The Dale Jr. Download, available on and all major podcast streaming platforms.



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