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Fans On DMM's New Apparel Line: "Just Take Our Money"

By Ronnie D. Satterfield

Staff Blogger

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s vintage t-shirt game is so strong that even his new stuff is old-school cool.

Dale Jr. and Dirty Mo Media recently launched a retro apparel line called Dirty Mo Original and, as you guessed, its first three shirts right out of the gate are strikingly awesome. The shirts feature some of Junior's favorite cars from Junior's favorite era -- the 1970s.

The reaction on social media was strong, so to help you make your purchasing decisions in the Dirty Mo Media store, we will do our best to answer your questions.

You think we would make these sweet-ass things and leave out the bigguns? Fat chance. Get it? Next tweet.

First-time purchasers in the Dirty Mo Media store get a discount, as Jeremy can attest. And ordering all three gets you an all-access, all-inclusive key to our heart. Next tweet.

Nothing gets by you, Meebs. Next...

Hey LaRock, be more like Meebs. Next.

Ah, yes, we have other cool stuff in the Dirty Mo Media store as well. Thank you Dustin, and thank you retro shirt pre-orderers. For those who haven't, get to shoppin'.

-- Dirty Mo --



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