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Family Reunion: Kerry Earnhardt Opens Up In Candid DJD Conversation

What to expect on The Dale Jr. Download? Oh, nothing more than Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s brother, Kerry Earnhardt...

... Explaining how he learned who his father was. (It involved Martha Earnhardt showing up to his baseball game and telling him, "I'm your grandmother.")

... Recounting the first conversation he ever had with his father.

... Remembering the first time he met his brother and his sister.

... Beaming at the memory of his first ARCA win, which had less to do with what he'd done and more to do with who was there.

... Retelling the hilarious story of running out of gas on his, um, qualifying attempt for the 1993 Goody's Dash race at Daytona.

... Sharing anecdotes about life with Dale Jr. in a double-wide trailer. It included $460 phone bills, drums at 2 AM, and the front door being ripped off by a pickup truck when Dale Jr. changed the lock.

... Providing a unique vantage point of Dale Jr.'s firing from Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton, N.C.

... Cracking a couple ice-cold, special-edition Earnhardt Outdoors Kannapolis Ale beers, which he just announced would be sold exclusively at Old Armor Beer Company in Kannapolis, NC.

... Explaining the eight-year legal bout over using his "Earnhardt" name.

This is a Download they'll be talking about for a long time. It comes out Tuesday night right here at and wherever you listen to podcasts.

-- Dirty Mo --


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