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Ernie Irvan Could Be DJD's Guest Of The Year

By Mike Davis, Co-Host of The Dale Jr. Download

Ernie Irvan was aggressive and cocky as a driver, so much so that Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt at one point in 1991 sat him down and communicated a message that went something like this: Settle the hell down.

There is irony in the story, and it's not from the fact that one of the most notoriously aggressive NASCAR drivers of all time was telling someone else to calm down. No, the irony was in the fact that the two qualities that often got Irvan in trouble were the very qualities that paved a comeback for the ages. Turns out aggression and cockiness are quite useful when fighting to win back your life.

This week on The Dale Jr. Download, Irvan rehashes that conversation with Earnhardt and Petty in vivid detail and how it inspired him to stand up at a drivers meeting at Talladega and seek forgiveness from the hardest bunch of cold bastards around -- racecar drivers. Irvan remembers one of those drivers (he gives the name in the show) had an expression of skeptism. Truth is not everyone bought Irvan's apologetic gesture. He still had work to do.

As you would expect, Irvan gives a detailed analysis of the crash in '94 that nearly killed him and probably would have if not for one amazing detail. He shares it on the show.

Get ready for an emotional conversation about life, racing, and hardships. The new episode of The Dale Jr. Download drops this evening. The television show on NBC Sports Network will air in its normal slot of Wednesday, Sept. 9, at 6 p.m. ET.

-- Dirty Mo --



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