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DJD: The Episode That Won't Give A Damn

By Mike Davis

As our much-anticipated interview with longtime team owner James Finch neared, we found ourselves asking, you know, the important questions:

Would Finch be carrying a red solo cup? Would he be wearing his trademark boots? When exactly did Finch stop giving a shit? Is everything we hear about him true? Would he confess to how many breast enhancement surgeries he has funded?

Spoiler Alert: The answer is of course he would. The better question is would we have the balls to ask. Turns out we did, and not only did James reply with candor, he replied in the most Finch ways ever.

Among the topics on The Dale Jr. Download podcast, which will drop Tuesday evening:

  • Finch's career as a daredevil stuntman.

  • The death of Neil Bonnett.

  • Finch bulldozing his house to force his mother-in-law to leave.

  • Finch bulldozing an apartment he owned to teach the tenant a lesson in paying bills.

  • The time Dale Jr. asked to drive his car and Finch turned him down.

  • The time Finch hurled a cup of Crown at his own driver during a race at Daytona.

  • The time Finch sent the winner's check back to NASCAR saying "Take this back... This is so low that apparently you need it worse than I do."

  • The reason in 2013 that Finch ultimately said 'to hell with it' and sold his team.

We asked it and Finch answered it. That includes, well... you know, his "investment" decisions.


LUG ME BABY ONE MORE TIME: Also in this episode, Dale Jr. gives his opinion of NASCAR's latest news that it will change to a one-lugnut, 18-inch aluminum wheel with the NextGen car in 2021. This, of course, has stock car racing purists asking the question, "How stock is a stock car when the wheel looks nothing like the wheels of the cars we drive in every-day life?" Junior, Mike Davis and Matthew Dillner each weigh in on the topic.

It's all coming on The Dale Jr. Download this evening. Subscribe now or check back to for updates.

-- Dirty Mo --

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