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DJD: My Impressions on Rick Mast

By Mike Davis

Avid listeners of The Dale Jr. Download know that, sometimes, Dale Jr. discloses names on our wish list of targets – people we want on the show, people we have questions for, people who intrigue us.

I don’t mind telling you that Rick Mast has been high on that list since last year, so much so that when I texted Junior last week that Rick had agreed to be on our podcast today, a reply splashed across my phone a few seconds later: “HELL YES!”

Anyone who knows Dale knows he doesn't offer hell yesses as participation trophies. Rest assured whatever opinion you get from him, you earned it. In fact on our bonus episode live from Daytona, country music artist Tim Dugger hilariously stated, "I've sent [music] to Dale that I was really excited about because I like his bluntness... but then I remember sometimes I don't like it."

In this case, Dale's excitement mirrored what I was feeling. It felt like we signed one of our top draft picks. If you follow Rick on Twitter (@rickmast22), you know why.

As Rick walked into our Dirty Mo Media studio this morning he came bearing gifts. He carried two boxes – one in each hand – that contained 1/18” scale diecasts of his 1994 No. 1 SKOAL racecar. Instantly he was upgraded from a hell yes to a hell f---ing yes.

We quickly learned his greatest gift, however, doesn’t come in a box. It’s his story-telling. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sharp as a whistle, remembers everything, and speaks with a savviness that is humorous as it is sincere. You get why he was so well respected by his peers in the NASCAR garage for two decades. You get why he’s 1-of-1 total people that Dale Earnhardt apologized to for wrecking. Rick Mast is a polished, blue-collared, southern racer who sold a heifer to get his first car and wishes social media existed when he was racing. Find me another one like that. You can't.

Truth is there’s only one Rick Mast. We knew this already but were still eager to confirm it for ourselves. He didn’t disappoint, and listeners of The Dale Jr. Download are in for an absolute treat when the new episode drops.

--Dirty Mo--



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