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DJD: Junior Takes A Stand

By Mike Davis

Occasionally Dale Jr. needs to unload -- or Download, if you will -- and it's at those times his podcast hits on all cylinders. It's why we started The Dale Jr. Download 301 episodes ago.

Dale Jr. specifically asked for a guest-less show this week so that he could devote his time to two news developments:

  1. The aftermath of the incident at Ace Speedway involving JR Motorsports late model driver and 2017 CARS Tour champion Josh Berry, and 2018-19 CARS Tour champion Bobby McCarty. The incident led to a one-week suspension for Berry.

  2. The announcement that NASCAR is returning to Nashville but not the track Earnhardt and many others have campaigned for.

The podcast is worth a listen for myriad reasons, but for my money none bigger than Dale's answer to this question at 39:07: Knowing what you know now -- that Josh would be suspended one week and effectively eliminated from 2020 CARS championship contention -- would you still have wanted Josh to retaliate? His answer was shocking.

Find Episode 301 here or on all major podcasting platforms. As well, you can watch the Xfinity "Ask Jr" segment below.

-- Dirty Mo --

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