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DBC Ep. 163 Review: Merry Christmas, Joey Logano

It's another WIN episode for Door Bumper Clear as T.J. Majors' driver, Joey Logano, scored his 24th career victory at Las Vegas on Sunday when most of the front-runners surrendered their positions right before a green-white-checkered restart. That's just one of many reasons to catch Episode 163. A few of the highlights:

As she announced last week Casey Boat and husband Chad are expecting their first child in August and, well, her cravings have kicked in.

Brett Griffin experienced the excesses of Vegas but not in a good way. It took a whopping 16 hours just to get there thanks to a series of nightmarish logistical setbacks. It didn't get better after that. Griffin decided to take advantage of a rare day off Saturday to get a haircut. That decision set him back $121. The biggest shock is that Brett was shocked. Who gets their haircut in Vegas anyway?

Here are the topics and questions the DBC team tackled this week:


  • NASCAR's decision to throw a caution on the last lap of Sunday's Cup race at Vegas but not Daytona.

  • Ryan Blaney and Alex Bowman go from 1st and 2nd at the time of the last caution to 11th and 13th for the final restart.

  • The Cup race had the most lead changes at Vegas since 2007.

  • Chevrolet placed six cars in the top 10, the most for the "Bow Tie Brigade" since Kansas last year. Meanwhile, Toyota placed only one car in the top 15.

  • Kevin Harvick offered a $50,000 bounty for any Cup driver who can beat Kyle Busch in his four remaining Truck Series races.



  • Angela Ruch spun out leaving pit road for her truck qualifying run on Friday. Parker Kligerman quote tweeted the video and suggested the sport raise the qualification standards for competing in the top three series. Do you think increased standards are needed? If so, what would they be?

  • In the wake of Ryan Newman's last-lap crash at Daytona, should NASCAR make any changes to superspeedway racing?

  • Last year's top qualifying speed at Fontana with the current aero package was 180.081 mph compared to 2018's top speed of 187.720 mph. Between quicker speeds vs. slower speeds, which one produces better racing at Fontana?

  • Couples always argue about a variety of things, but what is the one thing you and your significant other always disagree about?



  • When Clint Bowyer lost radio contact with you (Brett) and the crew chief, what are the steps either you or Clint take to get it back? And if you are unable to get it back, would NASCAR allow you to race?

  • Now with two races completed, how -- if any -- is the reduction of two road crew members affecting the team?

  • What would it take to allow Brett and TJ name Casey's baby?


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