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Dale and Bobby: Friends Who Never Knew Each Other

By Mike Davis

You'll have to forgive us. This week's episode of The Dale Jr. Download with guest Bobby Labonte wasn't really for you and me. It was for Dale Jr.

You're OK with that, of course, because you probably noticed a long time ago they're all for Dale. The show, at its core, is his quest to discuss, reminisce and learn. The people who walk through that door and sit at that big table hold information that makes Dale naturally curious. If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't book them.

But this week was different. Dale Jr. has admired the Labonte brothers for nearly his whole life, especially Bobby. Dale was 15 years old when he first remembered hearing Bobby's name. To that point Bobby was unknown in the racing circles, yet there he was in the 1990 Busch Grand National race at Daytona giving Dale Earnhardt everything he wanted. Bobby's career soon took off and he became the NASCAR Cup champion in 2000, Dale Jr.'s rookie season. They competed against each other, and on one occasion raced for the win. The two formed a mutual respect.

But Dale never really knew him.

"You're a mystery to me," Dale said to Bobby when he entered the studio Monday morning. "I have many questions because there is so much I don't know."

That is why this week's podcast was for nobody but Dale. He used it to meet someone he's known for 20 years. Think about that.

Episode 331 "Bobby Labonte: Begged, Borrowed and Stole" is available everywhere, including this website. It's a podcast that may not be for me and you, but we sure as heck can enjoy it.

-- Dirty Mo --



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