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The Dale Jr. Download Guest Spotlight: Catching Up with Brian France

The end of the road has arrived for the 2022 racing year, and thus brings the season finale of The Dale Jr. Download. In an effort to hold listeners over for the long off-season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis welcome one of their most sought after guests to the Bojangles Studio, former NASCAR CEO Brian France. The three sit down for an insightful conversation covering Brian’s tenure at the helm of motorsport’s premiere stock car organization. The highly anticipated interview covers:

  • Growing up in Daytona Beach in a stock car racing dynasty

  • Brian’s beginnings in NASCAR

  • The loss of a father

  • The inception of the NASCAR Playoffs

  • The Car of Tomorrow

  • Other triumphs and misses

Download listeners can expect an intimate sit-down with one of the most influential leaders in auto racing history, and the behind the scenes stories on many of the changes that ushered NASCAR from the Winston-era to its present day state.



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