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Barstool's Prez Wants To Download With Dale Jr.

Newly converted NASCAR fan Dave Portnoy really wants to be on The Dale Jr. Download.

The builder and mastermind of the media empire Barstool Sports dropped the comment in his most recent pizza review video. Wearing a "Raise Hell Praise Dale" hat, he says, "Maybe one day Junior will invite me on his podcast... if I'm lucky." (Watch below at 1:44 mark.)

It wasn't the first time El Presidente shared his desire to be a guest on The Download; similarly he mentioned it earlier in the year during a gift-unboxing video from his home.

Dale and Dave have a short but fun history. Barstool fans and Junior Nation will recall Dale appearing in Portnoy's pizza review back in 2019 in New York City:

Their first meeting was earlier in the year when Prez rode in the backseat of the honorary Daytona 500 pace car driven by Dale Jr.

Now that you have their history, the only thing left is the obvious question. Will Portnoy be on The Download in 2021? Time will tell, but if it ever happens we know this -- it would be epic.

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