About Glorious Racing Stories


Glorious Racing Stories is a nonfiction narrative podcast by Dirty Mo Media that immortalizes the greatest people and moments in motorsports as determined by veteran racing journalist Rick Houston. The podcast refurbishes years of interviews, impressions, and recollections into a molding of glorious memories. The result is a nostalgic throwback experience in a modern-day vehicle that celebrates racing’s glory years – back when racers raced, crashed, scrapped, and fought to survive; when stock cars looked stock; and when the sport was white-knuckled, God-fearing, spun-out-and-half-turned-over.




Current host of The Scene Vault Podcast on NASCAR history … author of 11 books, focusing on both NASCAR and NASA … former staff writer and editor for Winston Cup Scene … associate producer and consultant on the documentary film, Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo, based on his book, Go, Flight! The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control … native of Nashville, Tennessee, and now resides in Yadkinville, North Carolina with his wife, Jeanie, and their twin sons, Adam and Jesse.